Three former Cobb GOP chairs endorse Jake

August 30, 2021
Three former chairs of the Cobb County Republican Party have endorsed Jake Evans in his run for the 6th Congressional District. Rose Wing, Scott Johnson and Jason Shepherd expressed their commitment to seeing the district retaken by the GOP and said Jake is the best candidate to beat Lucy McBath and fight the woke mob that controls Washington today.
“As a proud Cobb County Republican, I do not want our county represented by a radical liberal like Lucy McBath, but this election – at this crucial time – isn’t about Cobb County,” said Shepherd, the immediate past chairman. “It’s about this nation we love. We have to restore common sense. We have to restore conservative principles. We have to restore America’s standing in the world after Joe Biden has weakened our global standing like never before. I believe Jake will fight for those goals as a member of Congress, and I encourage my fellow conservatives to join me in supporting him.”
Johnson pointed out that Jake doesn’t need to introduce himself to Republican grassroots in the district.
“Jake IS the grassroots,” Johnson said. “We know he’ll always be there for us a congressman because he was always there for us as a volunteer leader committed to getting other Republicans elected. As president of Atlanta Young Republicans he devoted countless hours to building the party and his work shows.”
Wing said she wants a candidate who’ll stand for who want change his tune when he gets to Washington.
“We want a congressman who’ll be just as proud of our conservative policies in Washington as they claim to be when they’re in Georgia,” Wing said. “I have no doubt that Jake will never waver. He’s for lower taxes, supporting law enforcement and military, the Second Amendment, championing life and stopping Critical Race Theory, and that won’t change. He’s who we need as our nominee, and I’m proud to endorse him.”