Jake trounces field in Atlanta Press Club debate

May 3, 2022

Surging Constitutional Warrior defines race as between a bold, unafraid conservative fighter and a say-anything squish

With all weapons of his opponents pointed at his back during Sunday’s Atlanta Press Club debate for the Sixth Congressional District, Jake Evans emerged as the undisputed winner, easily dispatching the false attacks and defining the race as between a true America First conservative and a squish endorsed by the most liberal Republicans in Washington.

“Sunday’s debate erased any doubts that my opponents know that my campaign is the one that’s surging,” Jake said. “They’re falling further and further behind, and their attacks are getting more and more desperate.”

Jake was the ONLY candidate to field multiple candidate-to-candidate attacks about his support for law enforcement and his fight for President Trump’s campaign to ensure only legal votes were counted that he took all the way to the Supreme Court.

Jake took faltering Rich McCormick to task for seeking the endorsement of the Main Street Republican Partnership, the moderate wing of the GOP caucus whose membership is known to vote with the Democrats.

“Rich, you courted and were endorsed by the most liberal faction of the Republican caucus. Some people call it the Trump impeachment caucus and you have stood by this endorsement. Most RINOS don’t show their horn until after they get elected. Rich, the voters of the 6th district deserve to know what squishy commitments you made to the Liberal Mainstreet Republican Partnership. What did you tell them to earn their support?”

McCormick was unable to explain away his efforts to tell everyone in Washington what they wanted to hear to earn their support. He tried to suggest that he would accept support from anyone that would join with him, but failed to explain how he convinced the moderate caucus to back him. LISTEN HERE

“Rich McCormick knows his campaign is in danger and all the others know their time is running out. This campaign is a choice between a conservative fighter endorsed by those closest to President Trump – from Newt Gingrich to Sean Hannity to Richard Grenell – and a weak-kneed Republican who tells every group what they want to hear – even RINO groups. We don’t need more politicians out for themselves. We need unapologetic conservatives that will fight to restore America First principles and never bow to the Woke Mob or liberal media. That person is Jake Evans”, Campaign Manager John Mason Long stated.