September 27, 2021

Former Georgia GOP chair Chuck Clay endorses Jake

Former state GOP Chairman Chuck Clay has added his name to the list of party leaders supporting Jake Evans’ campaign for the 6th Congressional District. “Jake highlights that he’s a bold, conservative trailblazer, and that’s what our nation needs at this moment of crisis for our nation,” said Clay, who also served as a longtime state senator for Cobb County.… …read more more
September 20, 2021

Cobb Solicitor General endorses Jake

Cobb County Solicitor Barry Morgan today announced his endorsement of Jake Evans’ campaign for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District. “I’ve prosecuted crimes in Cobb County for more than 30 years, and I’ve never experienced a time where we’re in such desperate need of a partner in Congress who’ll stand with state and local law enforcement, demand law… …read more more
September 14, 2021

Former U.S. Intelligence Chief Ric Grenell endorses Jake

Former Acting Director of U.S. National Intelligence Richard Grenell today endorsed Jake Evans in his campaign for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District. “Our nation needs a wave of America First conservatives like Jake Evans to retake the House, put a check on the Biden administration’s extreme Left agenda and restore our nation as the premier global… …read more more
September 7, 2021

Cobb School Board Chair Randy Scamihorn Endorses Jake

Cobb County School Board Chairman Randy Scamihorn today endorsed conservative trailblazer Jake Evans in his race for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District. “We need bold conservatives like Jake to fight for us in a moment in history when the Left is imposing anti-American values through the media, woke corporations and even in our education systems,” said Scamihorn. “Here at home,… …read more more
August 30, 2021

Three former Cobb GOP chairs endorse Jake

Three former chairs of the Cobb County Republican Party have endorsed Jake Evans in his run for the 6th Congressional District. Rose Wing, Scott Johnson and Jason Shepherd expressed their commitment to seeing the district retaken by the GOP and said Jake is the best candidate to beat Lucy McBath and fight the woke mob that… …read more more
August 23, 2021

Burkhalter: Jake will lead the GOP comeback

Former Georgia House Speaker Mark Burkhalter of Johns Creek endorsed Jake Evans’ campaign for the 6th Congressional District. “I was part of the generation that brought conservative Republican leadership to Georgia, and I’m supporting Jake Evans because we need a bold Republican here on the Northside who’ll lead a conservative comeback,” Burkhalter said. “While our current member of Congress focuses… …read more more
August 16, 2021

Former GOP Chairwoman Sue Everhart endorses Jake

Former Georgia Republican Party Chairwoman Sue Everhart of Cobb County today endorsed Jake Evans in his run for the 6th Congressional District. “Jake has spent years volunteering for Republican victories in Georgia as an active member of the party’s grassroots, he’s done the hard work behind the scenes and he’s led, including serving as president of the Atlanta Young… …read more more
August 9, 2021

Bob Barr Endorses Jake for Congress

Former Georgia Congressman and longtime conservative activist Bob Barr today announced his endorsement of Republican Jake Evans in the 6th Congressional District race, emphasizing his skills as an attorney, his track record fighting for high ethical standards in government, and his proven conservative principles. In a statement announcing his support, former Congressman Barr said: “As conservatives, it… …read more more
August 2, 2021

Former GA-06 Candidate Erich Welsh Endorses Jake Evans for Congress

“I’m Colonel Retired Eric Welsh. Several months ago I had the honor and privilege to launch my candidacy for Georgia’s 6th District. Unfortunately due to personal and professional reasons I had to suspend by candidacy and campaign, but what I haven’t suspended is my passion, commitment and love for this great nation — a nation… …read more more
July 27, 2021

Atlanta Tea Party endorses conservative trailblazer Jake Evans for Congress

The Atlanta Tea Party Patriots and its co-founder Debbie Dooley endorsed bold, conservative trailblazer Jake Evans in his bid for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District, Dooley announced today. “Jake will stand up for the principles that will Make America Great Again,” Dooley said. “He’s the unapologetic, unbreakable conservative that we need to retake this congressional seat. Our… …read more more