Milton Mayors Endorse Jake Evans

January 31, 2022
Jake Evans’ campaign for the Sixth Congressional District today announced the endorsement of City of Milton Mayor Peyton Jamison and immediate past Mayor Joe Lockwood.
“Jake understands that an active and engaged member of Congress can partner with us to serve the needs of our citizens, from public safety to infrastructure,” said Jamison, who took office the first week of January. “I ran on protecting our quality of life in Milton by upholding our land-use planning, and I want a member of Congress who will respect local control.”
Lockwood also praised Jake and his candidacy. “Having served as mayor, I understand the importance of having a representative in Congress who is responsive to the needs of our cities, and Jake Evans will provide that,” Lockwood said.
Jake said Mayors such as Jamison and Lockwood are essential to keeping the Sixth District one of the best places in America to live.
“Gaining the support of servant leaders on the local level means so much to me and this campaign,” Jake said. “Mayor Jamison and Mayor Lockwood have given themselves to serve their communities and have set an example I want to follow in office.”