Jake: McBath’s exit points to huge conservative comeback

November 22, 2021
Jake Evans, the America First Republican in the 6th Congressional District race, said Rep. Lucy McBath move to the 7th District reflects the fact that her record is far too liberal for her district’s voters.
“Lucy McBath has provided Biden and Pelosi unquestioning support for an agenda that has led to reckless spending, crippling inflation, a crisis at our border and, soon to come, big tax hikes,” said Jake. “It’s a record that won’t fly in the 6th District, and it’s no wonder she has fled to another district. Our voters are ready for the Great American Comeback with the leadership of an America First conservative. I will stand up for lower taxes and less spending, strong borders, the sanctity of life, the Second Amendment, and I will fight against vaccine mandates and the indoctrination of our children with CRT.”