Jake takes fight to those who lie about his support of police

April 30, 2022

Jake Evans has taken legal action to put a stop to a dark money group from continuing to lie about his position on supporting law enforcement in mail pieces that falsely claim Jake supports “Defunding the Police.”

“Reset DC … published and disseminated false, misleading, and inaccurate information concerning Mr. Evans,” says the Cease and Desist letter sent to this dark money group. “Specifically, Your publications and statements stated in three separate written documents that Jake Evans supports ‘Defunding the Police,’ that Jake is ‘Anti-Police,’ and that Jake ‘Turned his Back on Public Safety.’”

The letter goes on to explain that Jake’s support of law enforcement is “long and personal,” noting his uncle served as a deputy sheriff for 30 years and now is first cousin is currently working as a police officer.

“These are desperate tactics of a dishonest campaign,” Jake said. “I will always back the blue. They deserve our appreciation, our respect, good pay and strong due process rights – which activist district attorneys and left-wing mayors have violated repeatedly in recent years to appease the mob. Not on my watch.’”

“These pro-law enforcement positions are why I’ve earned the support of respected leaders like former Cobb Sheriff Neil Warren and America First leaders like Newt Gingrich and Sean Hannity.”

The Cease and Desist letter demands corrective action within 24 hours of receipt.”