Jake Evans Debuts First Two Television Ads as your Constitutional Warrior.

April 6, 2022
For immediate release:
April 6th, 2022
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Two spots highlight Jake Evans’ fight to successfully protect election integrity, and religious liberty
Jake Evans’ campaign for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District today launched its first two ads of the campaign, which highlight his role as a Constitutional Warrior in court for election integrity and religious liberty.
The first ad features Jake at the United States Supreme Court in reference to his defense against liberal activist groups’ efforts to weaken election integrity laws in the 2020 election. “Jake Evans is the only candidate who took the fight for President Trump to the U.S. Supreme Court, so only legal votes would count.” Watch Here

The second ad focuses on Jake’s work defending churches and their religious liberties against liberal cities. “Jake Evans is the only candidate whose defended our religious liberties against liberals in court,” the ad says.Watch Here

Both ads close with: “I’m Jake Evans, your Constitutional Warrior and I approve this message.”

The ads will air on Fox News Channel beginning today.