Jake calls on RINO Rich to return anti-gun rights money

May 31, 2022


Jake Evans, the Trump-endorsed Constitutional Warrior in the 6th District race, today called on RINO Rich McCormick to return or give to victim charities the donations he’s received from the anti-gun American Medical Association, which this week reiterated its demands for strict anti-Second Amendment measures that would violate Americans’ constitutional rights to defend themselves.

 “It’s said you can know a person by the company he keeps, and RINO Rich McCormick will happily take money from any group and tell them what they want to hear – even if they stand for liberal principles that offend Georgia conservatives,” Jake said. “This is one example of many where I have the support of America’s most trusted conservative leaders and RINO Rich is supported by liberal groups who can spot a RINO with the accuracy of a safari guide. I call on RINO Rich to return the anti-gun rights special interest groups’ donations or distribute the money to the families of victims of recent gun violence – or admit that he’s aligned with the special interest groups’ anti-gun views. 

“My views on the Second Amendment are clear. I’m horrified and sickened by the gun crime we’re seeing in our country, and we must find solutions. But anti-constitutional gun control measures would do nothing to deter criminals. By definition, they don’t care about the law. I’m committed to ensuring that every law-abiding Georgian has the right to defend themselves from the out-of-control crime wave nurtured by leftist policies in Democratic cities.”

RINO Rich McCormick is:

  • A failed politician who has been running for Congress for 39 consecutive months in two separate districts
  • Is funded and owned by liberal special interest groups
  • Getting 75 percent of his campaign funding from out of state

 “RINO Rich did not vote for President Trump in 2016 and lied about it and is endorsed by the most liberal caucus of the Republican Party,” Jake said. “Failed, swampy politicians like RINO Rich are destroying America. If RINO Rich does not stand with the special interest groups’ anti-gun rights positions, then I call on him to return the money that he took from them or give it to a worthy cause.”