Jake brings in more than $907,000 in massive first quarter fundraising haul

October 15, 2021
Jake Evans’ campaign in the 6th Congressional District brought in more than $907,000 and has more than $836,000 cash on hand, his disclosure will show.
The bold, conservative trailblazer’s fund-raising topped $407,000 and he personally injected $500,000 in the campaign, showing voters that he is equally invested in saving America from the radical left.
“Baylie and I are thrilled and humbled by the response to this campaign,” Jake said. “This report shows we have a deep well of support, and we’re generating excitement. It also demonstrates that people in the 6th District are tired of the status quo. They don’t like the direction Washington is going, and they know they can do our nation a favor by replacing Lucy McBath as our member of Congress. I’m ready to deliver the Great American Comeback.”
In addition to his fundraising success, Jake is the only candidate in the 6th Congressional District singled out for praise from President Trump at his recent rally in Middle Georgia and he’s gained the endorsements of scores of conservative Republican leaders in Cobb, Fulton and Forsyth counties.
“We know that national Democrats love Lucy McBath because they can rely on her to rubberstamp their failed agenda,” Jake said. “We know that her out-of-state supporters are going to pour millions into her campaign just as they did last year. Republicans have to fight fire with fire, and I’m proving to 6th District conservatives that I will not only keep up with Rep. McBath, but will also beat her in the general election next year.”