Bold Conservative Trailblazer
Jake Evans

Bold Conservative Trailblazer
Jake Evans


Jake Evans is a staunch supporter of the America First agenda that kept our nation strong and prosperous during the Trump Administration. As a bold, trailblazing conservative, Jake will fight to Save America and reverse the march toward socialism pushed by the Biden Administration and Washington Democrats. In Congress, Jake will be a relentless fighter to protect the constitutional freedoms and conservative values that made America the greatest nation in the history of the world.

America First

Jake sees that America is going in the wrong direction under Joe Biden and Congressional Democrats. Jake will prioritize American families by lowering taxes and reducing regulation to unleash job creation, securing our border, negotiating trade deals that put American workers first and ensures that other countries are paying their fair share and stopping forever wars that cost us lives and treasure.

Defend Our
Constitutional Freedoms

Jake has a record of winning the fight for our constitutional rights. Our rights to free speech, religious liberty and gun ownership are under assault by the Radical Left. Jake will never back down on safeguarding these freedoms and will fight to restore a culture of life and protect the unborn.

Protect the Unborn

Jake has been a lifelong advocate for protecting the most vulnerable among us, the unborn. Jake believes life begins at conception and deserves protection under the law. Jake was the first candidate in this race to be Certified Pro-Life by the Georgia Life Alliance.

Never Waiver on the 2nd Amendment

Jake is a staunch supporter of our constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Jake is an advocate for Constitutional Carry and will fight against any effort to constrain or infringe upon our gun rights because our 2nd Amendment plays a critical role in protecting all other Constitutionally protected rights.

Stop Biden Inflation

Jake will fight for policies to get our economy back on the right track. Reckless federal spending and limitations on American energy production are driving rapid inflation. Jake will fight for fiscal restraint and for American energy to stop inflation and skyrocketing gas prices. Jake will fight to maintain the Trump tax cuts, restore energy exploration and advocate for a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution.

Secure Our Borders

Jake will fight to end the Biden Border Crisis that is allowing historically high numbers of illegal immigrants – including criminal gangs and drug smugglers – to pour into our country. We must Build the Wall, return to Trump era America First policies at the border and return to enforcing our immigration laws.

Support Law Enforcement

Jake is a strong advocate for our heroes in blue who work tirelessly to keep our communities safe. The Radical Left’s outrageous attacks on police threaten public safety, and Jake will stop efforts to defund the police. As a Member of Congress, Jake will always back the blue and serve as a partner with law enforcement to keep our communities safe.

Stand with Israel

Jake will remain steadfast in his support for Israel, our strongest ally and an island of democracy in the Middle East. Jake will work tirelessly to safeguard policies – including foreign aid – that support our shared values and strengthen the strategic partnership between the United States and Israel.

Ensure Integrity in Our Elections

Jake is the only Georgia lawyer who’s overturned two elections in the same race, and he fought for the counting of only legal votes during President Trump’s re-election in Pennsylvania all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. During his tenure As Chairman of Georgia’s Ethics Commission, Jake fought corruption and drained the swamp by holding powerful politicians accountable, enforcing fines on dark money groups supporting Stacey Abrams, and on former Fulton County D.A. Paul Howard and Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms.

Support School Choice

Jake is a product of our public schools and is a strong advocate for opportunity in education for all. Jake believes that schools must be supported, but also held accountable. When public schools are not providing an adequate education, Jake believes parents deserve the right to take their child’s funding to another school, whether public, charter or private. Jake also believes Critical Race Theory and other forms of political activism have no place in our public schools and funding should be withheld from any schools that attempt to drive division among students with such an anti-American agenda.