Former National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien endorses Jake

March 7, 2022
Trump administration National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien today added his name to a long list of Trump’s top staffers to endorse Jake Evans for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District.
“I know Jake will contribute to the strong legacy of Georgia leaders who have led on strengthening our nation’s defenses,” said O’Brien. “From my position as National Security Advisor, I know that our adversaries fear a “peace-through-strength” approach to national security. Jake will boldly support the America First policies that kept us safe during the Trump years – and that are under assault right now. I’m proud to support Jake because we must elect the next generation, fearless conservative leaders who can carry those principles into the future.”
While serving in the Trump administration, O’Brien played leading roles in taking a tougher stand against China and in brokering peace accords between Israel and other nations in the Mideast.
“When we had President Trump and National Security Adviser O’Brien in the White House, we slept secure at night knowing we had leaders who would keep us safe,” said Jake. “I want to restore those America First priorities, and I’m honored to have the support of such a strong leader.”