Former GOP Chairwoman Sue Everhart endorses Jake

August 16, 2021
Former Georgia Republican Party Chairwoman Sue Everhart of Cobb County today endorsed Jake Evans in his run for the 6th Congressional District.
“Jake has spent years volunteering for Republican victories in Georgia as an active member of the party’s grassroots, he’s done the hard work behind the scenes and he’s led, including serving as president of the Atlanta Young Republicans” Everhart said. “I give him my wholehearted endorsement in the 6th Congressional District race because I know he’ll fight the woke mob, he’ll stand up for law enforcement and keep our communities safe and he’ll stop the crisis at the border. It drives me crazy that we have a liberal Democrat in the seat once held by our friend Newt Gingrich, and Jake it the bold, conservative trendsetter we need to take it back. Jake’s a fighter, and that’s what we need now.”
“As chair of the state party, Sue Everhart delivered more Republican wins than we’ve ever had before, winning all the statewide races, building a strong majority in the congressional delegation and gaining supermajorities in the General Assembly,” Jake said. “It’s an honor to have her support. Activists in the party work hard to advance the conservative cause, and they expect their candidates to work just as hard. I promise I won’t let her down on that score.”