Cobb Solicitor General endorses Jake

September 20, 2021
Cobb County Solicitor Barry Morgan today announced his endorsement of Jake Evans’ campaign for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District.
“I’ve prosecuted crimes in Cobb County for more than 30 years, and I’ve never experienced a time where we’re in such desperate need of a partner in Congress who’ll stand with state and local law enforcement, demand law and order and protect our neighborhoods,” Morgan said. “I know Jake will prioritize public safety, and that’s the type of leadership we need right now. I’m proud to support Jake. I encourage my friends in Cobb County to study the candidates and the issues, and I’m certain many of them will join me in backing this campaign.
Morgan has served as Cobb County solicitor since his appointment in 1998. The voters of Cobb have re-elected him six times since then. He has overseen the prosecution of over 2 million criminal misdemeanor cases over that time. He previously served as chief assistant solicitor and as assistant district attorney.
“Barry has served as a prosecutor for the entirety of his distinguished legal career,” Jake said. “He’s a public servant who’s played a role in keeping Cobb County a safe place to raise a family. The voters of Cobb have shown their faith in him by re-electing him time and again. I know his word carries weight in the county, and I greatly appreciate him giving me his support. He and other law enforcement officials in the district will always have an open door when I’m elected to Congress because I will always back the blue.”