Cherokee County Rep. Brad Thomas endorses Jake

December 20, 2021
Says Evans will stand up for parents’ rights, take the fight against CRT to Congress
Cherokee County State Rep. Brad Thomas (R-Holly Springs) has endorsed Jake Evans’ campaign for the Sixth Congressional District, saying that Jake would take the battle against CRT to Washington on behalf of Georgia parents.
“Jake Evans will fight for our children and our families and lead the charge in Congress to stop the teaching of divisive ideologies like Critical Race Theory,” Thomas said. “The Left knows that the best way to recreate America in its image is to brainwash our children with Marxist ideology, and conservative parents cannot let that happen. I’m introducing legislation in Georgia to ban this racist curriculum, and I know Jake won’t let Washington liberals shame or silence him as he fights on our behalf. I’m proud to endorse his race for Congress and encourage fellow patriots to give their support as well.”
Earlier this year, Thomas spoke out in favor of Cherokee County’s local decision to ban the teaching of CRT in its schools and vowed to introduce legislation on the matter in the General Assembly.
“I appreciate the work that Brad is doing in the Cherokee community and for our state in standing up for the rights of parents to have a say on school curriculum,” Jake said. “I fully support what he’s trying to accomplish here in Georgia, and I’m ready to take up the cause on the federal level because I believe the future of our nation depends on uniting today’s children with the common bonds of patriotism, not dividing a diverse nation along racial lines.”