NRCC Taps Jake for “Young Guns On The Radar”

Today, the National Republican Congressional Committee, identified Jake Evans as one of the “On The Radar Young Guns” running in 2022.
Jake Evans is a bold, unafraid conservative trailblazer running to unseat far-left Representative Lucy McBath in the upcoming elections.
The “Young Guns” initiative is an exclusive program that gives candidates the tools they need to WIN.
We’re honored to be recognized as one of the premier campaigns in the country not only by the NRCC, but also by President Trump, who mentioned our campaign from the podium at his recent Georgia rally.
Our America First message is resonating with those young and old and our campaign is rapidly building momentum to take back Georgia’s 6th District from the radical left.
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Former 6th District GOP chair endorses Jake

Former 6th Congressional District GOP Chairman Dave McCleary today announced his support for Jake Evans’ 6th Congressional District campaign.
“As a longtime resident of Roswell and Georgia’s 6th Congressional District, my No. 1 political goal for 2022 is to bring put our district back into Republican hands,” McCleary said. “We need a bold conservative, we need a worker and we need a candidate with vision, and we have that in my friend Jake Evans.”
In addition to his leadership role in the 6th District GOP, McCleary is a Roswell small business owner, former Roswell Rotary president and a local leader in the effort to end human trafficking, including as a member of the commission formed by Georgia First Lady Marty Kemp. McCleary held leadership positions in campaigns for Sens. Johnny Isakson and David Perdue as well as Congressman Tom Price.
“Dave is a pillar of the Roswell community, someone who’s earned his good reputation by constantly giving of himself to improve his community,” Jake said. “Dave has worked for years on many successful Republican campaigns, so it’s not just an honor to have him on my side, but it’s also a relief.”
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Longtime state GOP leader endorses Jake

Longtime state GOP leader Carolyn Hall Fisher has endorsed Jake for Congress, citing his courageous work on election integrity, his commitment to America First principles and contributions to Republican victories in Georgia.
“We need a conservative fighter, and in Jake, we have a true conservative who has delivered on election integrity – the only lawyer in Georgia to ever overturn two results in the same election,” Fisher said. “Jake has worked hard for the elections of President Trump and Republicans up and down the ballot in Georgia. It’s no surprise to me that President Trump singled him out for recognition at his rally in Perry, and I’m proud to echo that with my endorsement. As someone who’s long worked in the grassroots, I can attest that our party could always depend on Jake. He’s always shown up to serve, and that’s a quality we should all want in a congressman.”
Fisher is a former first vice chair of the Georgia GOP and former chair of the Forsyth County GOP.
“Carolyn embodies the happy warrior who has given of herself to build the GOP in Georgia and is devoted to electing strong conservatives who’ll keep our state great and the No. 1 place to do business,” Jake said. “I’m thrilled to have the support of someone who, like me, has worked in the trenches for Republican victories for many years.”
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Former Georgia GOP chair Chuck Clay endorses Jake

Former state GOP Chairman Chuck Clay has added his name to the list of party leaders supporting Jake Evans’ campaign for the 6th Congressional District.
“Jake highlights that he’s a bold, conservative trailblazer, and that’s what our nation needs at this moment of crisis for our nation,” said Clay, who also served as a longtime state senator for Cobb County. “Democrats have given us a border crisis, international humiliation in Afghanistan and reckless spending that will raise taxes, spur inflation and bankrupt our nation. Unlike our current member of Congress, Jake will take us back in the right direction, looking to restore American greatness at home and abroad. As someone who’s spent his adult life helping to build the Georgia GOP – and wants to keep the gains we’ve made – I’m thrilled to see the next generation of conservative leaders stepping to the forefront to continue that work. I strongly support Jake’s run, and I hope my friends in the 6th District will do the same.”
Clay served as state party chairman in 1999, leading up to the election of George W. Bush in 2000. In 1986, he became the first Republican elected to the western district of the Cobb Commission. He then served six terms in the state Senate, rising to the position of Republican leader.
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Cobb Solicitor General endorses Jake

Cobb County Solicitor Barry Morgan today announced his endorsement of Jake Evans’ campaign for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District.
“I’ve prosecuted crimes in Cobb County for more than 30 years, and I’ve never experienced a time where we’re in such desperate need of a partner in Congress who’ll stand with state and local law enforcement, demand law and order and protect our neighborhoods,” Morgan said. “I know Jake will prioritize public safety, and that’s the type of leadership we need right now. I’m proud to support Jake. I encourage my friends in Cobb County to study the candidates and the issues, and I’m certain many of them will join me in backing this campaign.
Morgan has served as Cobb County solicitor since his appointment in 1998. The voters of Cobb have re-elected him six times since then. He has overseen the prosecution of over 2 million criminal misdemeanor cases over that time. He previously served as chief assistant solicitor and as assistant district attorney.
“Barry has served as a prosecutor for the entirety of his distinguished legal career,” Jake said. “He’s a public servant who’s played a role in keeping Cobb County a safe place to raise a family. The voters of Cobb have shown their faith in him by re-electing him time and again. I know his word carries weight in the county, and I greatly appreciate him giving me his support. He and other law enforcement officials in the district will always have an open door when I’m elected to Congress because I will always back the blue.”
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Former U.S. Intelligence Chief Ric Grenell endorses Jake

Former Acting Director of U.S. National Intelligence Richard Grenell today endorsed Jake Evans in his campaign for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District. “Our nation needs a wave of America First conservatives like Jake Evans to retake the House, put a check on the Biden administration’s extreme Left agenda and restore our nation as the premier global… …read more

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Cobb School Board Chair Randy Scamihorn Endorses Jake

Cobb County School Board Chairman Randy Scamihorn today endorsed conservative trailblazer Jake Evans in his race for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District.
“We need bold conservatives like Jake to fight for us in a moment in history when the Left is imposing anti-American values through the media, woke corporations and even in our education systems,” said Scamihorn. “Here at home, I’m on the front lines fighting to keep divisive teachings like Critical Race Theory out of our schools. Right now, we have a member of Congress who is working against us on these principles, and we have the power to change that at the ballot box. Jake won’t bow to the politically correct Washington Establishment. He’ll reflect the views of Georgia families, and that’s why I want to see him elected to the House.”
Scamihorn, a veteran and longtime educator, won his District 1 seat on the Cobb Board of Education in 2012 and was re-elected in 2016 and 2020. He’s currently serving as the board’s chairman.
“As a graduate of Georgia public schools, I have tremendous respect for our educators who give their all every day, and they’ll have a friend in me as a member of Congress,” Evans said. “I’m grateful for the support from respected local leaders like Randy, who work every day in the trenches to give students the opportunity that education brings in our country.”
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Three former Cobb GOP chairs endorse Jake

Three former chairs of the Cobb County Republican Party have endorsed Jake Evans in his run for the 6th Congressional District. Rose Wing, Scott Johnson and Jason Shepherd expressed their commitment to seeing the district retaken by the GOP and said Jake is the best candidate to beat Lucy McBath and fight the woke mob that controls Washington today.
“As a proud Cobb County Republican, I do not want our county represented by a radical liberal like Lucy McBath, but this election – at this crucial time – isn’t about Cobb County,” said Shepherd, the immediate past chairman. “It’s about this nation we love. We have to restore common sense. We have to restore conservative principles. We have to restore America’s standing in the world after Joe Biden has weakened our global standing like never before. I believe Jake will fight for those goals as a member of Congress, and I encourage my fellow conservatives to join me in supporting him.”
Johnson pointed out that Jake doesn’t need to introduce himself to Republican grassroots in the district.
“Jake IS the grassroots,” Johnson said. “We know he’ll always be there for us a congressman because he was always there for us as a volunteer leader committed to getting other Republicans elected. As president of Atlanta Young Republicans he devoted countless hours to building the party and his work shows.”
Wing said she wants a candidate who’ll stand for who want change his tune when he gets to Washington.
“We want a congressman who’ll be just as proud of our conservative policies in Washington as they claim to be when they’re in Georgia,” Wing said. “I have no doubt that Jake will never waver. He’s for lower taxes, supporting law enforcement and military, the Second Amendment, championing life and stopping Critical Race Theory, and that won’t change. He’s who we need as our nominee, and I’m proud to endorse him.”
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Burkhalter: Jake will lead the GOP comeback

Former Georgia House Speaker Mark Burkhalter of Johns Creek endorsed Jake Evans’ campaign for the 6th Congressional District.
“I was part of the generation that brought conservative Republican leadership to Georgia, and I’m supporting Jake Evans because we need a bold Republican here on the Northside who’ll lead a conservative comeback,” Burkhalter said. “While our current member of Congress focuses on one issue, Jake will tackle the issues that keep the 6th District one of the best places to live in the United States. He’ll work on investing in transportation, protecting our neighborhoods and schools from Democrat efforts to federalize zoning, giving law enforcement the tools and support they need to fight crime and standing up for the conservative values that make this country great. I’m actively working to help his campaign because we must win this seat back and retake the House majority in Washington.”
Burkhalter served in the Georgia House of Representatives for 18 years, becoming speaker after a long stint as speaker pro tem. Today, he runs Burkhalter International, which specializes in real estate.
“Speaker Burkhalter was one of the proud conservatives that ushered in an era of Republican leadership for Georgia, and I’m proud to have his support,” Jake said. “Mark’s word and influence carries weight in this district, particularly in north Fulton where he remains a prominent member of that community. Just as he helped Republicans take over the state House, I want to help Republicans take back the U.S. House.”
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Former GOP Chairwoman Sue Everhart endorses Jake

Former Georgia Republican Party Chairwoman Sue Everhart of Cobb County today endorsed Jake Evans in his run for the 6th Congressional District.
“Jake has spent years volunteering for Republican victories in Georgia as an active member of the party’s grassroots, he’s done the hard work behind the scenes and he’s led, including serving as president of the Atlanta Young Republicans” Everhart said. “I give him my wholehearted endorsement in the 6th Congressional District race because I know he’ll fight the woke mob, he’ll stand up for law enforcement and keep our communities safe and he’ll stop the crisis at the border. It drives me crazy that we have a liberal Democrat in the seat once held by our friend Newt Gingrich, and Jake it the bold, conservative trendsetter we need to take it back. Jake’s a fighter, and that’s what we need now.”
“As chair of the state party, Sue Everhart delivered more Republican wins than we’ve ever had before, winning all the statewide races, building a strong majority in the congressional delegation and gaining supermajorities in the General Assembly,” Jake said. “It’s an honor to have her support. Activists in the party work hard to advance the conservative cause, and they expect their candidates to work just as hard. I promise I won’t let her down on that score.”
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