Jake trounces field in Atlanta Press Club debate

Surging Constitutional Warrior defines race as between a bold, unafraid conservative fighter and a say-anything squish With all weapons of his opponents pointed at his back during Sunday’s Atlanta Press Club debate for the Sixth Congressional District, Jake Evans emerged as the undisputed winner, easily dispatching the false attacks and defining the race as between a true America… …read more

Congressman Dan Bishop endorses Jake

Building on the campaign’s already strong momentum, U.S. Rep. Dan Bishop (R-N.C.) today endorsed Jake Evans for Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District, calling him a “constitutional warrior” and a fighter for liberty. Rep. Bishop is a member of the House Freedom Caucus and the House Committee on the Judiciary. “As we prepare to retake the majority,… …read more

Jake: McBath’s exit points to huge conservative comeback

Jake Evans, the America First Republican in the 6th Congressional District race, said Rep. Lucy McBath move to the 7th District reflects the fact that her record is far too liberal for her district’s voters. “Lucy McBath has provided Biden and Pelosi unquestioning support for an agenda that has led to reckless spending, crippling inflation,… …read more

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Jake announces Finance Committee of prominent Georgians

Jake Evans today announced ten Georgia leaders to head up the Finance Committee for his campaign for the Sixth Congressional District. Former state House Speaker Mark Burkhalter from North Fulton will serve as Finance Committee Chairman.
“With Jake’s hard work and commitment, this campaign has already built more support and brought in more money than any other candidate in this race,” said Burkhalter. “Our country is going in the wrong direction and change begins right here. Jake is the candidate who is not only best situated to win, but also has the strongest skills and convictions to fight for our conservative values. We’re proud to work hard on his behalf to get him elected to Congress because we know that’s what’s best for our community and country.” [READ  MORE]
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Over 40 Young GOP Leaders Back Jake

National Young Republicans Chair: Evans will ‘energize a new generation of voters’
A list of over 40 young professionals and students with leadership positions in Republican organizations support Jake Evans in the Sixth Congressional District race. The list includes the chairman of the National and Georgia young republicans, Georgia college Republicans, Georgia teenage Republicans and for the Atlanta, Buckhead, Cobb County, DeKalb County and Forsyth County Young Republicans. 
“The future of our country depends on Americans like Jake Evans taking up the fight for the conservative principles that made this country great,” said Rick Loughery, the chairman of the Young Republican National Federation. “We’re personally supporting Jake who’ll never compromise on our American beliefs, unite Republicans of all ages and energize a new generation of voters. We’re going to take back a seat once held by Speaker Gingrich with a new generation leader who is endorsed by Newt and will fight just as hard for us in Congress. Jake came up through the ranks of Republican grassroots, just like all of us did, and we know that no one will outwork him.”
The following young Republican leaders are supporting Jake as individuals, not as representatives of their organizations:
National & State Chairs
RICK LOUGHERY, Young Republican National Federation – Chairman
ANDREW ABBOTT, Georgia Young Republicans – Chairman
JOHN LONGSHORE, George Federation of College Republicans – President
COOPER JACKS, Georgia Teenage Republicans – Chairman
County/Local Chairs
GABE HARTWIG, Atlanta Young Republicans – President
DEANNA HARRIS, Cobb County Young Republicans – Chairwoman
DONTE THOMPSON, DeKalb County Young Republicans – President
ADAM KELLER, Buckhead Young Republicans – President
JACK CRARY, Roswell High School Republicans – President 
WILL SPENCER, Kennesaw State University College Republicans – President
JORDAN THOMPSON, Young Professionals of Atlanta – President
Former Chairs
COLT CHAMBERS, Georgia Young Republicans – Former Chairman
JOHN BUSH, Atlanta Young Republicans – Former President  
STEVE HAWRYLIK, Buckhead Young Republicans – Former President
MICHAEL WILLIAMS, Cobb County Young Republicans – Former Chairman
CHRISTIAN ZIMM, Buckhead Young Republicans – Former President
Other YR Officers/Members
ALLEN ENGLISH, Atlanta Young Republicans – Executive Vice President
KEVIN HENDERSON, Atlanta Young Republicans – Former Vice President of Events
DAVID LIN, Atlanta Young Republicans – Former Vice President of Communications 
BRANDON NIVENS, Atlanta Young Republicans – Secretary
KATIE KYZER, Buckhead Young Republicans – Women’s Chair
GURTEJ NARANG, Georgia Federation of College Republicans – Vice President
NOAH RING, University of Georgia College Republicans – VP of Social Media 
CHASE SANGER, Cobb County Young Republicans – Vice President
DEBORAH FURR, Atlanta Young Republicans – Vice President of Political Affairs 
SKYLER AKINS, Atlanta Young Republicans
CHARLIE BARRETT, Hall County Young Republicans
ROBERT BONNER, Atlanta Young Republicans
ASHLEY BOSSERT, Atlanta Young Republicans – Former Women’s Chair
CHRISTIAN BOSSERT, Atlanta Young Republicans
DORIAN GRIFFIN, Cobb County Young Republicans
KEVIN KYLE, Atlanta Young Republicans
AUSTIN MASTERS, Atlanta Young Republicans 
ANDREW PRESSLER, Atlanta Young Republicans
GEORGE STAMPS, Atlanta Young Republicans
CHUCK STONE, Atlanta Young Republicans – Former VP of Political Affairs
JOHN HENRY THEISS, Atlanta Young Republicans – Former Treasurer
SUNITA THEISS, Atlanta Young Republicans – Former Women’s Chair
BEATRICE TORRALBA, Atlanta Young Republicans – Deputy VP of Events 
COLEMAN WILLIAMSON, Atlanta Young Republicans

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Best Selling Author and Trump Appointee endorses Jake

Nick Adams, “Trump’s favorite” book writer, calls Jake Evans the ‘titan of conservatism’ we need.
Best selling author and Trump appointee Nick Adams – popularly coined “President Trump’s favorite author” by the New York Times – described Jake as the conservative the 6th District needs to elect in 2022.
“Jake Evans is a titan for conservatism and the exact type of person who we should be electing to office,” Adams said. “He’s a fighter who won’t back down to the socialist left and will always put America First. 2022 will be a battle for the soul of our country and I couldn’t think of a better leader to blaze a trail to take back Georgia’s 6th District. I am proud to stand with Jake and endorse his campaign.”
Adams has penned four best-selling books, including “Trump & Churchill” and “Green Card Warrior,” in addition Adams was a presidential appointee in the Trump administration. Adams is the CEO and Founder of the Foundation for Liberty and American Greatness (FLAG), a non-profit organization that teaches civics and informs parents and students on the power of the American Dream (Adams’ endorsement comes in a personal capacity). The frequent guest on Fox News, Fox Business, and Newsmax also boasts more than 1 million combined followers on social media.
“A legal immigrant himself, Nick embodies the American Dream,” Jake said. “Like Nick, I believe we need to fight to protect the American dream and equal opportunity, not expand government overreach that kills innovation and hard work by allegedly promising equal outcomes. I’m honored by his support and thrilled to have Nick’s help reaching voters in Georgia’s 6th District about my vision for the Great American Comeback.”
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Four Former Cobb Republican Women’s Club Presidents back Jake

Continuing to roll up unparalleled support from 6th Congressional District GOP grassroots leaders, Jake Evans’ campaign today announced the endorsements of three former presidents of the Cobb County Republican Women’s Club.
“No candidate in this race has worked harder for conservative causes in Georgia than Jake Evans, and there’s no one we trust more to fight for those principles in a Congress that desperately needs them,” said Marsha Stemme, Toria Morgan and Rosan Hall. “By sending Jake to the House – and replacing the Nancy Pelosi puppet we have now – we can stop the reckless Biden agenda that has sent inflation and gas prices soaring, caused our border crisis and weakened our position in the world. Jake won’t cower before the Woke Mob; he’ll stand up for us.”
Another former Cobb Republican Women leader, Rose Wing, endorsed Jake previously. Jake said relationships with groups such as the Cobb County Republican Women will keep him tethered to the concerns of constituents.
“Marsha, Toria and Rosan have worked tirelessly as volunteers to serve our community, state and nation,” Jake said. “I’m proud to stand with these patriots as we work together on the Great American Comeback that we will see in 2022.”
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Honored Roswell veteran Roger Wise Jr: Jake will fight for American strength

Longtime north Fulton community leader and Georgia Military Veterans’ Hall of Fame member Roger Wise Jr. has endorsed Jake Evans in his run for the 6th Congressional District.
“I have proudly served our nation in uniform. I know firsthand the importance of American military strength when it comes to keeping our homeland safe and preserving the peace,” Wise said. “Jake will invest in our armed forces and stand up for our troops. Our district needs a voice like that representing us in Congress, as opposed to an unquestioning vote of support for the current administration. Jake offers us the change we sorely need.”
Wise and his wife have lived in Roswell for nearly 40 years. He’s chaired the Fulton County Housing Authority and the Fulton County Planning and Zoning Committee. He’s a longtime leader in the American Legion and Roswell Rotary.
“Roger Wise is a pillar in the Roswell community and a great Georgian,” Jake said. “Baylie and I are humbled that someone so respected in this community has put his faith and trust in us. We won’t let him or the people down.”
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Jake brings in more than $907,000 in massive first quarter fundraising haul

Jake Evans’ campaign in the 6th Congressional District brought in more than $907,000 and has more than $836,000 cash on hand, his disclosure will show.
The bold, conservative trailblazer’s fund-raising topped $407,000 and he personally injected $500,000 in the campaign, showing voters that he is equally invested in saving America from the radical left.
“Baylie and I are thrilled and humbled by the response to this campaign,” Jake said. “This report shows we have a deep well of support, and we’re generating excitement. It also demonstrates that people in the 6th District are tired of the status quo. They don’t like the direction Washington is going, and they know they can do our nation a favor by replacing Lucy McBath as our member of Congress. I’m ready to deliver the Great American Comeback.”
In addition to his fundraising success, Jake is the only candidate in the 6th Congressional District singled out for praise from President Trump at his recent rally in Middle Georgia and he’s gained the endorsements of scores of conservative Republican leaders in Cobb, Fulton and Forsyth counties.
“We know that national Democrats love Lucy McBath because they can rely on her to rubberstamp their failed agenda,” Jake said. “We know that her out-of-state supporters are going to pour millions into her campaign just as they did last year. Republicans have to fight fire with fire, and I’m proving to 6th District conservatives that I will not only keep up with Rep. McBath, but will also beat her in the general election next year.”
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