Jake Evans Launches Trailblazer Rising, Inc.

September 20, 2022

ALPHARETTA, GA – Former Georgia State Ethics Chairman, Atlanta Young Republican President and Trump-endorsed Georgia 6th District Candidate for Congress Jake Evans announced the launch of a new statewide organization.

The organization, Trailblazer Rising, Inc., is an initiative to ensure our youth doesn’t go woke. Trailblazer Rising will educate our next generation on the importance of free market solutions, constitutional conservatism, rule of law and civic leadership.

Evans, who will serve as chairman of the organization said, “we are losing our youth and, consequently, our future to progressivism and wokeism. We need a new generation of leaders that will boldly fight for constitutional conservatism, economic liberty, rule of law and civic leadership. Through outreach in our schools and colleges, value-based school curriculum, student lead initiatives and strong media advocacy, Trailblazer Rising will fight the decades of progressive domination of our kids.”

Trailblazer Rising will have five primary action initiatives:

Trailblazer Education Initiative

Trailblazer Education Initiative will engage and educate our youth by speaking with schools and youth groups across Georgia to spread the Trailblazer Value System.

Parental Choice Initiative

The Parent Choice Initiative will engage and encourage parents to teach the Trailblazer Value System to America’s future and will host programs and seminars on the best methods to do so.

American Exceptionalism Curriculum Initiative

The American Exceptionalism Curriculum Initiative will influence our children’s curriculum by promoting inclusion of the Trailblazer Value System in curriculums across Georgia.

Trailblazer Ambassador Initiative

The Trailblazer Ambassador Initiative will recruit middle, high school and college students in schools throughout Georgia to serve as Trailblazer Ambassadors that will start chapters in their respective schools.

Down-the-Line Interview Series

The Down-the-Line Interview Series will feature students, community leaders and elected officials to highlight the Trailblazer Value System into battling wokeism that is destroying America.


“In the face of one-sided indoctrination in our schools and colleges, the media and the entertainment industry, we must foster a new generation of bold and unafraid leadership rooted in America’s foundational principles that will blaze the trail for future prosperity,” said Jake.

Trailblazer Rising will announce a board of directors, board of advisors and executive team in the coming weeks.


Trailblazer Rising, Inc. was founded by Jake Evans and will fight to ensure America’s youth doesn’t go woke.