RINO Rich continues refusal to return or answer questions on tens of thousands of liberal special interest dollars

June 14, 2022

Weeks into the runoff, Rich McCormick has refused to return tens of thousands of dollars from liberal special interests that support abortion on demand, anti-gun policies and allowing biological males to compete in girls sports or to answer questions on if these destructive positions are consistent with his.

“RINO Rich McCormick has shown us who he really is – a wannabe politician who’ll say whatever the person in front of him wants to hear to collect votes and campaign dollars,” said John Mason Long, Jake’s campaign manager. “Rich hasn’t given back tens of thousands of dollars from liberal special interests pushing an agenda that 6th District voters vehemently oppose, and he has refused over and over to tell voters what he told them and what he told the centrist Mainstreet Republican Partnership to get its endorsement. It’s obvious that RINO Rich tells Washington special interests one thing and then comes to Georgia and tells us something different. We have no shortage of those kinds of spineless politicians in Congress already.”

“As 6th District voters begin to early vote, they have a stark choice in this election: an establishment politician that is bought out and compromised by liberal special interest groups, and that will vote with the Democrats, or a bold and unafraid, Trump-endorsed Constitutional Warrior who will fight for our principles. For 6th District voters who want a return to the America First agenda that strengthened our country, Jake Evans is the only choice.”