RINO Rich Runs Away From the Fight by Ignoring Debate Challenge

June 9, 2022

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June 9th, 2022

RINO Rich Runs Away From the Fight by Ignoring Debate Challenge

RINO Rich must explain what he promised for tens of thousands from liberal special interests.

In Monday’s Atlanta Press Club debate, RINO Rich McCormick blatantly ducked the questions that conservatives have about his campaign: are the liberal special interest group’s principles, including abortion on demand, restricting gun rights and biological men competing in women’s sports, consistent with his principles? And if not, would he return this dirty special interest group money?

On Monday, Jake challenged Rich to another debate – hosted by conservative radio host John Fredericks – to give him the platform to explain why liberal groups are so anxious to see him elected.

“In two straight debates, I’ve asked Rich pointblank to simply tell us the truth. What positions does he hold that have encouraged groups – publicly and actively in favor of abortion on demand, anti-gun measures and biological males in girls sports – to dig deep in their pockets and give to his campaign”, Jake said. “His refusal to give a straight answer tells conservatives voters in this runoff all they need to know: liberal dark money groups and centrist PACs don’t endorse and donate to candidates opposed to their policy goals. RINO Rich’s strategy is to avoid and divert and hope voters don’t hold him accountable.”

“I’m again challenging Rich to join me in a fair debate with a conservative moderator before a conservative audience. I hope voters will tune in if Rich mans up to do it, and I hope they take note if he doesn’t. Either way, Republican voters will see why President Trump chose me and rejected RINO Rich.”

McCormick has repeatedly ducked forums where he can’t just follow the talking points prepared by staff – like when he haltingly read from his notes during the Atlanta Press Club debate Monday. He skipped the Cherokee County GOP’s debate and wouldn’t participate in interviews with the 6th District Republican Party.

“Americans deserve a fighter. Someone with the skills and courage to go into battle and win,” Jake said. “RINO Rich lacks the toughness, skills and courage to fight the Democrats and win. The stakes for our nation are too high to elect a squish like RINO Rich.”