Georgia’s Open Primary System Subverts Democracy

June 8, 2022

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June 8th, 2022

Georgia’s Open Primary System Subverts Democracy


Jake Evans, the Trump-endorsed candidate for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District, today called on Georgia to require party registration for primary elections to protect the ability of the party faithful to nominate the candidates of their choice.

“Our open primary system allows for partisans to sabotage the primaries of their political opponents,” Jake said. “Partisan primaries are intended to allow the two major parties to nominate the candidate that best reflects the views of party members or who has the best chance to win. Our system subverts that principle, and I will fight to see it changed.”

Georgia’s most recent primary on May 24th demonstrated the issue, with 7-10 percent of the electorate of Georgians who had voted in Democratic primaries in the past.

“We’ve seen the closed primary system work extremely well for Florida, with significant growth in Floridians registering as Republicans in recent years,” Jake said.