Jake smashes false attacks in the 6th District debate.

June 6, 2022

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June 6th, 2022

Jake smashes false attacks in the 6th District debate.

RINO Rich can’t refute that he’s bought by pro-choice, anti-gun liberal special interests.

In his Atlanta Press Club debate win today, Jake Evans, the Trump-endorsed candidate for Georgia’s 6th District, smashed Rich McCormick’s false attacks and left McCormick stammering as he failed to explain why liberal special interests that support abortion on demand, gun grabs and biological men in girls sports are pouring cash into his campaign.

“Rich McCormick zigged, zagged and did everything but own up to the liberal special interest support pouring into his campaign,” Jake said. “Rich McCormick continued the silliness of attacking an assigned law school paper from 10 years ago – an attack repeatedly dismissed as false by the Marietta Daily Journal.”

McCormick’s obsessive lies about a 10-year-old law school assignment even led the Marietta Daily Journal to weigh in to set the record straight:

“Anyone who knows Evans can only chuckle at the thought of him being a woke progressive for simply writing an academic paper in law school 10 years ago,” the paper stated in a recent Around Town column. “You think Donald Trump, Newt Gingrich or former Cobb County Sheriff Neil Warren would endorse anyone who is woke? Neither do we.”

With McCormick’s team persisting, the MDJ wrote again: “Why McCormick remains fixated on Evans’ school writings is anyone’s guess, but if he’s sincere, he’d admit communists ‘inspire’ Evans as much as they inspired Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn [a famed Soviet dissident].”

“Voters in the 6th District who watched today’s debate to inform their decision saw for themselves that I’m an unwavering America First conservative who will stand up for law enforcement, religious freedom and our gun rights,” Jake said. “And Rich McCormick can’t even refute the facts that he’s bought and paid for by liberal interests fighting for abortion on demand, anti-gun policies and biological males in girls sports.”